Our Services

Services Offered by Robbie’s include:

  1. Tailor-made lessons
    Tailor-made lessons to suit the individual. We won’t waste your money giving you lessons you don’t need
  2. Training for complete beginners from scratch
    Even if you can’t yet move off in a car we can teach you
  3. “Finishing off” students with intermediate skills
    We can assess your requirements to meet test standard
  4. Intensive courses
    Train over a short period
  5. Refresher lessons for licence holders
    If your skills need ‘polishing up’ we can help
  6. Motorway lessons for qualified drivers
    Experience motorways in safety with a qualified instructor after you’ve passed your test
  7. Pass Plus advanced tuition
    Advanced skills and the opportunity for cheaper insurance without having to take another test
  8. Driver Instructor Training
    Train for this valuable skill and have a rewarding career
  9. Automatic gearbox tuition
    We can provide vehicles and training for cars with automatic gearboxes
  10. Fleet Training
    Help protect against corporate liability, reduce service costs, insurance premiums and much more